::Games:: Killzone 3, the casualized one

I’ve just finished Killzone 3 (PS3). I’ve bought it blindfolded as I really liked Killzone 2 (and actually, it was one of the reason that leaded me to buy a PS3)… but now I’m not that enthusiastic.

Aside from that the game is really awesome in some ways such as graphic realization, I’ve finished it after just a few hours (5 or 6 I think) without any real difficulty. I’m feeling like if I was just at half-progression, when things just begin to be harder.
No great battle, no final boss to beat, and no real ending at all…All that was in the previous Killzone 2

Maybe I’m right, the game is just the half of what It should be because of a too early deadline enforced by Sony.
Or maybe this recalibration of difficulty was to bring more casual gamers to the game franchise, as the Move (supported by the game) is also to bring more casual gamers to PS3.
Both are sad.

…Or maybe I’ve raised my FPS skills so much since last year that the game seems too easy to me, but I don’t think so B-)


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