::Games:: Shift 2 Unleashed, so am I

I’ve crushed on the new Shift 2 Unleashed, the hidden and unrecognized son of Need for Speed series.
After lot of hours played, I’m convinced this is really the racing game I was looking for many years (since Project Gotham Racing 3 and Xbox 360 launch actually), perfectly balanced between Arcade & Simulation.

I like its cars physic. Slightly Mad Studios did a great job. The game progression is fluid and pleasant, I don’t feel obliged to participate to competitions with race mode I don’t care just to buy better vehicle like a lot other racing games do. Even basic cars are fun to play. “Fun”, that’s the final keyword.

The graphic realization is also wonderful. Developers have understood that the cars must not take all the polygons, details and effects of the frame, environments & circuits also needs them. I just wonder if the rendering pipeline technology is exclusively forward, fully deferred or light pre-pass and I hope to see one day some technical articles or presentations of their engine.

To close this post, you may have read that the developer is in trouble, I hope things will be ok so we could expect a great Shift 3 (cause the perfection could always be perfected ;) ). If EA have to choose another studio for the IP they created brilliantly, we may not expect so much…


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