Feed43: Create RSS Feed for website that haven’t

Also 10 years later (Hey, I’m part of people who have seen Internet birth and I’m going to be deprecated…), I’m starting to use RSS feeds instead of the “visit many websites every day” old method, and I like it. Especially to read and synchronize them from anywhere: Google Reader at work, iPad at home (Hey, I’m not that deprecated finally), etc.
But although I’m a new user, I’m exigent and deplore to see some websites I like without any feed !

So I’m introducing Feed43, an online service to create a RSS feed from any website. This is not the only one and not the simplest I’ve tried (Feedity, Ponyfish, …) but it was the only one of them that allowed me to customize a lot of things for the feed search and presentation without having to pay for a membership.

The service can parse an HTML page with a chosen pattern. There is a tutorial sample on the website, but I give you another concrete example for the Digital Foundry articles from Eurogamer you can find on this blog’s links:

  • The item search pattern :
    <h2><a href=”{%}“>{%}</a>{*}</h2>{*}<p class=”date”>{%}</p>{*}<div class=”words”>{*}<div class=””>{*}<div class=”section”>{%}</div>{*}</div>{*}</div>{*}<p class=”entry-details”>
    This extract the absolute article link (%1), the title (%2), the date (%3), and the full article content (%4).
  • And the final result :

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