::Mac/iPhone:: Trying XCode4

If you are an iOS developer you probably know that the brand new build of Apple XCode has been released on march and is available for free with SDK 4.3. New features are quite sexy, especially the single window as I was totally disappointed and stressed with XCode3 and its 23 dialogs across the screen and beyond…

The first 30 minutes were troublesome and I was lost again like when I ported my engine to Mac the first time on XCode3.
It was hard to find all the things I often use, I had to remap again my keyboard shortcuts to more friendly ones to me, find how to correctly use the new LLVM 2.0 and the new “schemes” concepts in my existing projects, etc… but after this little accommodation time, I’m really seduced.
However, I’m not a heavy user of XCode ([a little bit of my life story]I like to code cross-platforms things on my windows laptop, comfortably installed on the sofa, then try things on device using the desktop mac[/end]) so the move was not a big pain. I don’t have a lot of practice and tricks on this IDE. I guess this is probably different for an old Mac-maniac.

To finish, just a big inconvenience for me: SVN and Git were really nicely integrated (it seems), but perforce isn’t supported yet… Apple, if you hear me.


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